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Fuse XBOX360 free download full version


Fuse (Region FREE) XBOX360 full version

Fuse XBOX360 free download full version

XBOX360 Fuse Download Fuse available on XBOX 360 Download is a cooperative action game set in the near future and in which four agents of very different skills face a tough mission: to save humanity from a terrible threat of destruction. Action, platforms, humor and gadgets, ingredients Insomniac how well it handled. Fuse takes place in the near future and follows a team of four elite agents (Overstrike 9) while devastate enemy strongholds using experimental tech gadgets and lethal teamwork. Overstrike 9 it is composed of a reformed mercenary, a rogue thief of life, a young scientist talented but very rebellious and a decorated detective, but with too much character. On the whole, are the misfits: the black sheep their own agency tries to ignore. 
But a mysterious organization tries to eliminate mankind. Fuse XBOX 360 Download Thanks to the unique talent of each agent and his tendency to completely ignore protocol, Overstrike 9 is the last option left. Fuse mixture developer Insomniac Games taste for the exotic weaponry with a wraparound narrative and a touch of humor.

Platform: Xbox 360

Region : Region FREE

Requires Firm or LT LT + 2.0 + 3.0 (requires patch for LT + 2.0 , and LT + 3.0 To record it normally only : biggrin : )

Language: English voices with text (100 % Tested )

Number of players : 2 split-screen mode Offline

Size : 8.56 GB - 1 DVD9 - ISO - XGD3

Genre: Action - Shooter - Adventure ( Sci-Fi )

Developer: Insomniac Games

Publisher: Electronic Arts

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