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Le Tour De France 15 PS3 free download full version


Le Tour De France 2015 PS3 full version

Le Tour De France 15 PS3 free download full version

Le Tour De France 2015 game in the style of a simulator , sport is built by the studio Cyanide Studio and Focus Home Interactive has released for PS3. A successful sporting director in a 90-team World League matches to finish below 2015 season. In more than 500 different competition and the challenges you face. You play Le Tour De France 2015 in one of the most important sporting events in the world to participate. Personnel management, finance, contracts with riders and sponsors educational programs and calendar events that you can do such things. 
Each match will be a very key role in any decision will help you towards a victory. You can use both online and offline tournaments. New features in version of Le Tour De France 2015 have been added. For example, you can have a new mode of their riders, and he is beginning to become a star when control. On the other hand, has been a professional training system. The menu interface is also completely changed the face with a new system.

Platform: PS3

English language

Year: 2015

Manufacturer: Cyanide Studio

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Playing style: Simulation, Sports

Game ID: BLES02173

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