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Battlefield 1 PS4 free download full version


Battlefield 1 PS4 free download full version

Battlefield 1 PS4 free download full version

Battlefield 1 one of the game first-person shooter genre that was designed and built by a company called EA DICE and Electronic Arts recently by the company for platforms PC, XBoxOne and PS4 is released. This game is one fifteenth part of the Battlefield franchise. This is the first game after Battlefield 4 was released in 2013 and it is interesting to know this version to the theme of the First World War is the first game developed by Electronic Arts in the midst of 1994 is told. As with previous versions, Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter that is based on teamwork. This game during the First World War and inspired by real historical events and then is told. World War I collection of weapons, including automatic rifles and semi-automatic placed at the disposal of the player. In addition to firearms, in this version we'll be seeing some new weapons like swords, Bill has changed little space. off enemies to their knees. 
All the weapon customization possibilities and the environment that we saw in the previous version of the Nkhs·h also to eat. According to the designer of the game, Daniel Berlin, campaign mode with the environment and the larger world, more options, choose the right paths to complete the levels shift will be a fight to the previous Franchrhay.
Other Description: This game will allow you to control different characters in the campaign. When their lives on the battlefield, you lose your game automatically replaced by another soldier in the battlefield. These roles can change from a tank gunner in a Marine. Unlike previous versions, the game will see a massive collection of war stories that are narrated in such a beautiful poem and Easy Listening. In addition to the single player game and the multiplayer mode will support up to 64 players simultaneously. A new hybrid system allows the player to a group from an external server or across the country. According to Berlin, to play without joining a squad will increase the difficulty of the gameplay. In the multiplayer maps around the world, including Saudi Arabia, the western side of the Alps is based. Game 9 6 state map in Conquest, Domination, Operations, Rush, Team Deathmatch and War Pigeons are included. Features multiplayer Battlefield 1 is divided into eight distinct classes, Assault: Anti-basic class in which players hold the line attacked and shotguns. Support: This group has light weapons, which the group has supported and sometimes also help in repairing vehicles. Scout: snipers are hidden. Tanker: In this section, the player placed a series of tanks that are divided into two categories: heavy and light. Pilot: As a pilot role and in addition to aerial combat with other enemies pay should also bombed areas to see.

Name game: Battlefield 1

Platform: PC

English language

Year: 2016

Manufacturer: EA DICE

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Genre: First-person shooter

File ID: CUSA02429

File Type: RAR


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