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Max The Curse of Brotherhood Xbox360 free download full version


Max The Curse of Brotherhood Xbox360 free download full version

Max The Curse of Brotherhood Xbox360 free download full version

Max The Curse of Brotherhood is  a 2.5-second game released by Microsoft Press Studio Press Play for Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The story of the game is that Max, the main character of the game returning home from school one day, finds out that her younger brother Felix is ​​playing in his room with Max's toys. Max, who does not like his brother's job, is looking for a way on Giggle's siteGet rid of him. He suddenly finds a magic by which his brother can disappear. By reading this magic, a huge gate appears with a giant beast and his brother disappears. 
Without regard to the consequences of his move, he will be forced to cross the portal and look for his brother in a world full of devil Mustacho. Max fetish game has 7 lectures and 20 stages. On the other hand, the game is based on magic, which is categorized into 5 different categories. You can download this beautiful game from powerful Persian download servers . 

 Earth pillars. You can create pillars from the earth to reach higher grounds.

 Tree branches - You can grow trees to use them as platforms, springboards, rafts and moveable objects. Branches also catch fire.

 Vines that work like ropes. You can crawl and swing in vines, but vines can also be used to tie objects together.

 Water flows can be shaped freely and will move objects as well as Max along their path.

 You must destroy the obstacles and defeat Mustacho's 

Game profile  Max The Curse of Brotherhood : 

Name of the game:  Max The Curse of Brotherhood

The name of the game:  Max the fraternity spell

Platform: Xbox 360

Release year: 2013

Manufacturer: Press Play

Publisher: Microsoft 

Genre: Platformer, Puzzle 


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