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Monster Hunter PS2 free download full version


Monster Hunter PS2 free download full version

Monster Hunter PS2 free download full version

Monster Hunter . Have you ever wanted to see how they managed ten thousand years ago to get ahead.
Well now you have the opportunity to see how you would manage without the car, the microwave, the supermarket and those things that greatly facilitate our daily life, thanks to Monster Hunter.
The objective of the game will be to instruct us in several basic survival activities, among them the fishing, the harvesting of fruits and objects and their combination to create new ones or, very specially, the one that gives name to the game, the hunting.
At the beginning, the game will ask us to create a personalized character, which will be used later in both offline and online mode.
We can configure from the genre of the character to his complexion, face, hair color, etc., within a catalog of options not exaggeratedly vast but quite complete.

Once this is done, our character will be transported to the first game hub, a small village located in a wooded area where we will perform our first missions.
We will depart equipped in a very basic way, and as we successfully accomplish missions we will earn money.
with which we will later be able to visit the village stores to get new attack and defense instruments (which will undoubtedly be essential for later missions), potions and other objects.

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