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Never Alone PS3 free download full version


Never Alone PS3 free download full version

Never Alone PS3 free download full version

Never Alone is based on traditional Iñupiaq stories.  The Iñupiat people, who live primarily in the farthest north regions of Alaska.
Have an amazing storytelling tradition with tales that are complex and filled with both fascinating characters and exciting adventures. 
The stories reinforce the culture’s strong values, traditions and worldview and have been the main vehicle for passing wisdom and knowledge from one generation to the next.
To bring these stories to life, the development team partnered with nearly 50 elders, storytellers, artists and more from the Alaska Native community. 

 This partnership ensures that Never Alone faithfully captures the unique perspective of the Iñupiat people and celebrates and shares their stories with the world through game play.
Take on the roles of both Nuna and Fox as you explore the fascinating, frigid, and potentially fatal, world of the Iñupiat people.
Each character has unique skills and abilities and they must work cooperatively, each relying on the other’s talents.  
Nuna can push and pull objects, climb ropes and throw her bola.  
Fox can leap to areas inaccessible to Nuna, scramble up walls and reveal the mysterious helping spirits.  
Nuna and Fox must succeed together as neither can survive without the other.


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