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Metro Exodus PC free download full version


Metro Exodus PC free download full version

Metro Exodus PC free download full version

Metro Exodus  is an action game  , and simulation for PC , which can be downloaded Full .
It is the year 2036. 
A quarter of a century after the nuclear war devastated the earth, a few thousand survivors cling to life under the ruins of Moscow, in the underground tunnels.
They have suffered intoxications, fought against mutant beasts and paranormal horrors and past the terror of civil war.
 Now, in the role of Artyom, you must escape the subway and lead a band of Spartan commandos on an incredible journey across the continent in post-apocalyptic Russia to start a new life in the east.

Metro Exodus is a first person shooter game focused on the narrative and developed by 4A Games that combines lethal combat and stealth with exploration.
Terror and survival in one of the most immersive worlds in the history of games. 
Explore the Russian steppes on huge non-linear levels and follow an exciting narrative that spans a whole year from spring.
Summer and fall to the full nuclear winter. 
Metro Exodus is inspired by the novels of Dmitry Glukhovsky and continues the story of Artyom in the biggest Metro adventure so far.


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