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Sleeping Dogs Xbox360 PS3 free download full version


Sleeping Dogs Xbox360 PS3 free download full version

Sleeping Dogs Xbox360 PS3 free download full version

Sleeping Dogs Sleeping Dogs is  an action, adventure, and open world game created by the studio Square Enix and released in 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Windows platforms. The game was originally intended to be a reboot of the True Crime series, with a lot of funding for it, but was eventually canceled in 2011 by the Activision Blizzard studio. six months.
The Square Enix studio then took over the game, changing the name of the game and putting it apart from what it was supposed to be. 
The game's story takes place in Hong Kong, where a secret police officer, Wei Shen, penetrates a criminal group called Sun On Yee to get some important information from the group and reaches its chief boss, Uncle PO. In this way, they will meet with different people in this group. In the game, Shen is arrested by the police in pursuit of certain individuals. 
He then meets Jackie Ma, his old friend, who gives him an offer to penetrate the Sun On Ma group. The gameplay is similar to the founder of this genre of gameplay, GTA. 
You can easily navigate the city and in addition to the main missions of many sub-missions designed in different parts of the city.
 An awesome part of the physical battle gameplay, with all the Kung Fu moves you can easily play in. Of course, the use of guns and more is in the game. PlaySleeping dogs also have an upgrade system that can update the combat system and open up new moves. 

Sleeping Dogs . Police drama that takes place in a raw and visceral open world, set in the vibrant city of Hong Kong. 
In the game we will be the secret police Wei Shen, in charge of finishing from within with one of the most fearsome criminal organizations in the world: the triads of Hong Kong.
True Crime: Hong Kong becomes Sleeping Dogs with Square Enix and the guys from United Front Games. What does it offer? A hooligan sandbox, fun and without many complications, which is closer to the school of Saint's Row that of the Grand Theft Auto. Freedom, action and tests that are a real madness for a light, festive and frankly fun game.
The epic to see Sleeping Dogs in stores has been long and, sometimes, even hopeless; However, we already have the United Front Games game in hand, and the result is noticeably far from what the discrete results of the True Crime saga we had been accustomed to seeing.
 This product, born as True Crime: Hong Kong but finally marketed under the aforementioned name of Sleeping Dogs, as we say is at a midpoint between Saint's Row and Grand Theft Auto, since neither is crazy of the caliber of the first nor a title as solemn as the second.


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