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Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox360 PS3 free download full version


Grand Theft Auto IV (Region NTSC-U) Xbox360 PS3 free download full version

Grand Theft Auto IV XBOX360 free download full version

The  game Grand Theft Auto IV  for  XBOX 360  available for  Download  in  SPANISH Download Grand Theft Auto IV XBOX 360  tells the story of Niko Bellic, an illegal immigrant and veteran of the Bosnian War.
 After being convinced by his cousin Roman, who emigrated to Liberty City years before the beginning of the story in the game, Niko decides to leave Eastern Europe in the direction of Liberty City,  where he hopes to forget his criminal past Shortly after Niko's descent from the merchant ship Platypus that brought him to the city, he discovers that the luxury and richness of what Roman told him in his emails do not exist and he finds himself in a world of debt and gangsters.

 Niko helps Roman with his problems and with his taxi company while he tries to find his way into the new city. 
As the plot progresses, Niko becomes involved in a multiple confrontation of interests due to a failure with a business. Ray Boccino's diamonds involving the Ancelotti family,  the biker gang The Lost,  the McReary clan,  Bulgarin  and the men of the late businessman Gay Tony. 

Later, Niko meets Phil Bell, Ray's friend, who in turn are collaborating members of the decaying Pegorino family of Alderney, an organization with which Niko will work until the end of the plot. While collaborating with the criminal organization of Jimmy Pegorino, UL Paper calls Niko and offers to introduce Jon Gravelli, a dying hospitalized elder.
but a capo of the Gambetti family.  Gravelli and UL Paper meet Darko Brevic in Bucharest and bring him to Liberty City to give it to Niko, in gratitude for the services rendered. 

Name: Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA IV)

Platform:  XBOX 360

Region:  Region NTSC-U

Requires Firm LT + 2.0 or LT + 3.0  (does not require patching for either of them: biggrin:)

Language :  Multilanguage  voices in ENGLISH with Subtitles in SPANISH

Size:  7.67 GB - 1 DVD9 - ISO - XGD2

Genre:  Driving - Adventure - Action - Mafia


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