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Everybodys Golf VR PS4 free download full version


 Everybodys Golf VR PS4 free download full version

Everybodys Golf VR PS4 free download full version

The short version here is that Everybody’s Golf VR the best golf game you can get for the VR platform. If you have a PSVR and you like golf, you probably won’t be disappointed.
 I say probably because I did run up against a wall when I first started playing the game.
 I play golf (poorly) in real life and my first hour with Everybody’s Golf VR did not go as well as I’d hoped it would.
It turns out that swinging a PlayStation Move controller with the same speed and temerity with which one swings an actual golf club produces less than optimal results – and a sore back.
 I found it simple to hit the ball with 100 percent power at first, but learning to dial it back for a more nuanced approach took a bit of effort.

There’s no multiplayer to speak of. It would have been nice if there was some sort of hot-seat (or hot-headset.
As the case may be) local multiplayer, if synchronous online play simply isn’t possible. 
But sadly, there isn’t even an asynchronous challenge option.
 There are leader boards, and you can always play separate games with friends online in party chat, but something more would have given the game some much-needed replay value. 
In lieu of multiplayer, Clap Hanz would have been well served to create a dedicated tournament, season, career, or story mode. Alas, it has none. 
All in all, Everbody’s Golf VR is an excellent game, but there’s no potatoes to go with the meat.


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