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Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP full version


Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP full version

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite PSP full version

When a game sells more than three million copies in Japan and madness breaks records during its first week of release is something big behind it . Specifically , Monster Hunter, a real fever enormous proportions that floods once again the West ( and a year late ) with a title designed to make Japanese , Americans and Europeans share more than a UMD . 
Indeed, the Monster Hunter franchise invites us once again to share a philosophy of play thanks to an expansion , Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, with more missions , weapons and of course , monsters to discover. The particular Pokémon Capcom landed Friday on European territory and does so with a staggering 500 hours of gameplay , which makes it the biggest title in the series created to date.

Tested On 6.60 PRO -C.
Released: 23 | 06 | 2009 .
Language: Spanish | Multi Language .
Format : CSO .
Category: Action | RPG.
Weight from the RAR : 757 MB


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