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Alan Wake Remastered


 Alan Wake Remastered

Alan Wake Remastered free download

A scary gameIt is in the rescue style, which was made by the tasteful Remedy studio and was released by Microsoft first in 2010 exclusively for Xbox 360, then two years later, in 2012, it was also released for Windows. The story is about a famous novelist named Alan Wick. He is trying to find out the mystery of the disappearance of his wife who came with him on vacation and stayed in a small town called Bright Falls and in a cottage by the lake. 
All the events from the beginning of the story are the last novel that he wrote himself, but he has no idea about when this novel was written by him. The gameplay of the game has its own style, the darkness is your enemy in the game, and during the game you have to try to escape from the darkness and go to the bright places. Alan Wake's game has a total of six parts, two of which are added by Dlc. Title added.Alan Wake Remastered free download
 The author of this game, Mr. Sam Lake, mentioned that it took 5 years to make the Alan Wake game, which is a record in the time it took to make the game. Alan Wake's game was able to get positive reviews in terms of the atmosphere of the game environment and became one of the top 10 games of 2010 in Time magazine.

System Requirements
• CPU: i5-3340 or equivalent
• GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 960 or AMD Equivalent. 2GB VRAM.
• RAM: 8 GB or higher
• OS: Win 10 64-bit

• CPU: i7-3770 or equivalent
• GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Equivalent. 4GB VRAM
• RAM: 16 GB
• OS: Win 10 64-bit


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