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Medal of Honor Airborne PS3 Xbox360 free download full version


Medal of Honor Airborne PS3 and Xbox 360 full version

Medal of Honor Airborne PS3 Xbox360 free download full version

Game Medal of Honor Airborne is a first-person shooter genre by EA LA studio built and EA Games for PS3 and Xbox 360 has been released. This version is the eleventh title in the Medal of Honor series. The story begins as a training exercise in North Africa have arrived and suddenly his first mission in a village called Operation Husky Adanti you get in Italy. Your mission, killing three officers and a German machine-gun attack on the hideout is in the Town Hall. The next mission is called Operation Avalanche is in an area of ancient Rome The aim of this mission is to eliminate radio equipment, fuel tanks and ammunition is discharged. 
Neptune is the third mission in the Utah beaches, and you're behind the German lines and to prevent them from invading your Overlord forces. Market Garden is the fourth mission you and you're Azam Nijmegen in Nijmegen bridge destroyed during the advance and destroy your city. Operation Varsity, which is the fifth player to be sent to Nazi weapons factory for a variety of purposes, including the use of tanks, weapons and armor train is. Gameplay Medal of Honor Airborne , like all versions of the game, and you can upgrade your weapons and grenades and gave the job by killing as many enemies as possible. 

Name game: Medal of Honor Airborne

Name of the game (Persian): Medal of Honor Airborne for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Platform: PS3 & Xbox 360

English language

Manufacturer: EA LA

Publisher: EA Games

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