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Ratchet And Clank Into The Nexus PS3 free download full version


Ratchet And Clank Into The Nexus PS3 (DUPLEX) CFW 4.46+

Ratchet And Clank Into The Nexus PS3 free download full version

Ratchet And Clank PS3 Into The Nexus is the next installment in the popular series starring two of the most famous heroes of the PlayStation brand. Ratchet and Clank return to a ration of adventure on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 at the hands of their creators , Insomniac Games. marks the return to the origins of the series and is the epilogue games Future ( Armed to the teeth, Quest for Booty and Crack in Time ) .
Ratchet & Clank : Nexus brings a new story, a new arsenal and new gadgets , but is a shorter than usual title, the game brings the series back to its origins. It is a Ratchet & Clank traditional , with single player mode where a story will feature gadgets, weapons and humor that characterized the saga. It also represents the epilogue to the Future trilogy, composed of A Crack in Time , Tools of Destruction and Quest for Booty.

Platform: PS3
Release : DUPLEX ( XCES00008 )
Requires Console PS3 With Custom Firmware Equal or Greater than 4.46
Language: Voices and Texts (100 % Tested )
Number of Players : 1
Size: 9.56 GB - 1 Bluray - RAR
Genre: Action , Platform , Adventure ( Humor )
Developer: Insomniac Games
Distributor: Sony
Recommended Age : 7 Years and Up

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