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Mass Effect 2 Xbox360 free download full version


Mass Effect 2 Xbox360 free download full version

Mass Effect 2 Xbox360 free download full version

Mass Effect 2 . Second installment of the great galactic RPG created by BioWare.
which will take us back to visit the remotest corners of the universe. 
Action, exploration, role and a great argument are its most significant signs.
Only two years after the launch of the first Mass Effect we already have among us the second part of his space epic for PC. 
BioWare again demonstrates why it is among the leading RPG developers, and consolidates Commander Shepard.
And his entourage as one of the most charismatic groups of heroes of recent times.

The sequel to Commander Shepard's memorable adventures continues to delve into the main strengths of the Mass Effect series.
unusually rich Universe, charismatic and complex characters, deep and captivating story and, what's better.
An unusually addictive gameplay that masterfully mixes genres like the shooter and the obvious role.

Title: Mass Effect 2 0 
Size: 10,9 gb (2dvd) 
Links: 11 
Format: RGH (extracted files) 
Server: Mega

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