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Mass Effect 3 Xbox360 free download full version


Mass Effect 3 Xbox360 free download full version

Mass Effect 3 Xbox360 free download full version

In The Game Mass Effect 3 For XBOX 360 an ancient alien race known only as the Reapers, has launched a total invasion of the galaxy, leaving nothing but a trail of destruction in its wake. 
The Earth has been taken, the galaxy is on the verge of total annihilation, and you are the only one that can stop them. The price of failure is extinction. 
You are Commander Shepard and you must lead the assault against that invasion to save the earth. Only you can determine how events will happen.
saving the other planets to get the support of the alliances and gather forces from the other galaxies to eliminate the reaper threat once and for all. 
Fight with your companions or even with your own friends in this total galactic war to take the Earth back.

Mass Effect 3 . Third installment of the acclaimed RPG created by BioWare. With Mass Effect 3 the saga gives a strong turn to speed up the action of their shootings and combats, also presenting a greater scale of the events that we will live.
Mass Effect 3 rewards its facet more purely shooter on any other consideration. 
The exploration that characterized the first video game and of which there were still some drops in the second completely disappears on this occasion to opt for a much more linear approach.
and even aspects such as the relationship with other NPCs is seriously diminished circumscribing almost completely to our team and the great dignitaries of each race. 
However here the bad news ends, and in everything else the game is a great triumph: the dramatic narrative show of BioWare receives a conclusion that is at its height, action load.
with a fantastic story and with even more decisions difficult that will put us to the limit. New friends will come to our platoon and others will leave in tears


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