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The Last of Us PS3 free download full version


The Last of Us [USA] [4.XX/3.XX?] [PS3]free download full version

The Last of Us PS3 free download full version

Everything starts with a little girl who is 12 years old named Sarah talking to her father in front of the TV and Joel congratulating him on his birthday. After going to sleep it , the phone wakes up and bangs and noises coming from outside your house this is scary. Her father Joel , who was not in her room , enters suddenly spotting blood after the attack on his infected neighbor, Joel kills him with his brother Tommy revolver.Junto they go in the car to the city . Upon arriving they encounter a terrible mess and hostile infected . They have an accident with the car and continue on foot fleeing corridors; when they arrive outside a military shoots leaving them mortally wounded Sarah.

20 years later in a small quarantine zone , located on the outskirts of Boston, a couple of smugglers, Joel and Tess make a deal with survivors outside. After a deal gone bad, the duo traces a survivor named Robert , who was responsible for robbing two arms supply .
 Before being killed, Robert reveals that he has already negotiated a good group of mercenaries known as fireflies ; a rebel group opposed to the authorities exercised by the military quarantines .

Title : The Last Of Us
Id: BCUS98174
Language: Mult
Weight: 26.81 compressed gb

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