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Wii Party Wii free download full version


Wii Party [PAL] [WBFS] [Wii] full

Wii Party Wii free download full version

The party your Mii was expecting ! Wii Party is a new collection of party games perfect for those evenings you share with your family and friends . Meteos on the skin of your Mii versions and soon find many other Mii characters in the funniest situations.
Wii Party features 13 different game modes, divided into three categories: Group games , party games and games Couple . Most game modes integrate the use of 80 minigames Wii Party .

From Adventure Island Bingo , these games allow up to four friends or family playing together and having fun minigames big. They can participate in one to four players , and there are five different game options : Adventure Island , World Tour , Mii in a row , The wheel of fortune and Bingo . In this game mode will always have to part four characters . If less than four people play , the console will handle those Mii that are not controlled by players.

Languages ​​English , Spanish , German, French , Italian

WBFS format

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