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Tomb Raider Xbox360 free download full version


Tomb Raider [2013] [PAL-NTSC/U] [XGD2] full version

Tomb Raider Xbox360 free download full version

The game takes place in Yamatai , an island in the Dragon's Triangle off the coast of Japan. The island kingdom that once existed here is shrouded in mystery due to storms and ocean currents that surround it. Yamatai was ruled by the Queen of the Sun, called Himiko , who according to legend, had mystical powers that allow control the weather . Little is known about the history of Yamatai since Himiko died . 

Exploring the island , the player discovers many other cultures who came to the island , and Portuguese traders of the sixteenth century , the United States Marines and military project of the Japanese during World War II.
Early in the game , the island is inhabited only by the Solari , a violent sect formed by survivors. The Solari established their own civilization around Himiko , led by Father Mathias.

Name : Tomb Raider 2013
Region : PAL - NTSC / U
Format: XGD2
Size: 7.5 GB
Winrar : 8 Parts ( 1 GB )
( In Record on file recovery )
Password: AlvRo

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