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Batman Arkham City Xbox360 PS3 free download full version


Batman Arkham City Xbox360 PS3 free download full version

Batman Arkham City Xbox360 PS3 free download full version

Batman Arkham City available for  download is the extended version of the game that includes a new mission for the story mode and all the downloadable content that has appeared so far. 
This version offers both this and the rest of the DLC's released for the game (costumes, Catwoman, Robin, etc.) and the downloadable edition of the animated film Batman: One Year. 

it includes new missions and playable content, 12 costumes, seven maps and three additional playable characters. Arkham City, like its predecessor, Arkham Asylum, is an action game with an open world that incorporates elements of infiltration and attack tactics. 
All gadgets obtained in the previous game will be available at the beginning of Arkham City, most of them will be endowed with improved and new capabilities; for example, the cryptographic sequencer can now also track radio signals. 
An additional gadget has been confirmed, smoke bombs to confuse the rivals. 

The game also incorporates more puzzle elements; the use of the Batman detective mode that highlights both the skeletons of the opponents and clues on the screen, is also used for skill activities such as finding out the whereabouts of snipers

Batman Arkham City . Second part of the fantastic Batman: Arkham Asylum developed by Rocksteady.
which continues the atmosphere of the original game, taking players to Arkham City, the new "home" of the thugs, gangsters and other criminal minds of Gotham City.
The sequel of one of the sleepers of 2009 is already among us, and with it we have not only a video game that skillfully reissues its levels of quality, but in many ways it far exceeds it. 
We return to Gotham to face some of the most charismatic villains in the history of fiction. Become the Dark Knight, become Batman.


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