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RAGE Xbox360 free download full version


RAGE Xbox360 (Region NTSC-U/PAL) (XGD3)  free download full version

RAGE Xbox360 free download full version

RAGE XBOX360 is a revolutionary first person shooter located in the not too distant future after the impact of an asteroid has left the Earth totally devastated. 
You will enter the scene in these huge wastelands to discover how humanity struggles to rebuild itself by confronting forces such as gangs of bandits, mutants and the Authority - an oppressive government regime that has shown a special interest for you. 
With an intense first person action, a vertiginous combat in vehicles, an extensive world to explore and spectacular graphics thanks to the revolutionary engine id Tech® 5, RAGE promises an experience different from everything you know.
Fearful of a planetary extinction due to the huge asteroid that heads towards Earth, world leaders are facing the inexorable task of guaranteeing the survival of the human race.
 With very few alternatives, a series of capsules with life support and certain people chosen on board have been buried under the surface of the planet. 
You are one of the few and select occupants of these modern coffers, until suddenly you emerge into the universe of RAGE after ascending only to the surface. 
Depending on your own devices to stay alive in a world full of others who prefer to see you dead, RAGE combines a powerful narrative with fast-paced action.

Main characteristics:

Shootings and visceral exploration in the first person  - Attack gangs of bandits and hordes of mutants using an arsenal of exotic weapons and special items such as wingsticks, personal turrets, sentinel robots and remote controlled car bombs.
Frantic madness in third-person vehicles  - Burn tires through the barren wasteland in your own super buggy! Improve and customize your vehicle with special pieces, paintings and weapons, then test your skills against bandit clans on wheels and participate in deadly races.
An enormous experience  - Beyond the action in first person and the combat in vehicles, RAGE offers you an open world for you to explore, with unique characters, secondary missions and an absorbing history.
Graphics that you'll have to see to be able to believe them  - Thanks to the latest technology engine id Tech® 5, the new technology of Megatexturas gives life to the vast moors with a level of detail impossible previously moving at an incredible 60 frames per second.
Three ways to play for an action without limits  - Immerse yourself in an incredible story for a player, exclusive cooperative modes or intense online car fights.

Platform:  XBOX 360  | Firmware: LT + 2.0 and 3.0 | Format: XGD3 Does not require patching for LT + 3.0 (if you have LT + 2.0 you should patch the ISO) | Region: NTSC-U and PAL  | Genre:  Action, First Person (FPS) (Science Fiction)  | Developer:  id Software | Distributor:  Bethesda Softwork


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