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Guitar Hero Live Xbox360 free download full version


Guitar Hero Live Xbox360 free download full version

Guitar Hero Live Xbox360 free download full version

Guitar Hero Live is a musical style created by FreeStyleGames and released by Activision Studio for the Xbox 360 platform . This version of the game is a remake of the Guitar Hero franchise.
Gameplay: As with previous releases, the core of the gameplay is the same as before, with players playing a guitar with different controls and playing music and playing music. 
Unlike the previous version controller, which included 5 buttons in total, in this version 6 unique buttons are designed in two triple rows. 
The Guitar Hero Live game has a different degree of difficulty. 
At a much more difficult degree, you need to hit a button row and you need higher levels to press the combination of the button. 
uitar Hero Live has gained a lot of users with high scores and positive reviews.
 Awesome soundtracks and microtransmission that allow you to buy different music during the game can keep you entertained for hours.

Game profile:

Game Name: Guitar Hero Live

Game Name (Persian): Live Guitar Heroes

Platform: Xbox 360

English language

Manufacturer: FreeStyleGames

Publisher: Activision

Game style: Musical

File size: 16 GB

File Type: ISO


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