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Yakuza 5 PSN PS3 free download full version


Yakuza 5 PSN (USA) PS3 ISO free download full version

Yakuza 5 PSN PS3 free download full version

name: Yakuza 5

game region: USA

Game ID: NPUB31658

Genre: Action, Adventure

format: PS3_GAME Folder

game size: 21.30GB

server: MEGA

Fix Yakuza 5:

1. Since its a folder now, you dont need to extract pkg file with 20+GB anymore :’)
2. Move all file to External HDD/GAME/NPUB31658.
3. Copy 4.21 FIX Pkg to ROOT của “External HDD”
4. In the PS3 running MULTIMAN => Choose any game (Ex: here you select  Yakuza 4 External HDD) => Cick “Game Setting” => “Ext Game Data” => “Run Game”
5. This time in the “XMB”, you will see “Icon Yakuza 4” => “do not choose” => run up on select “install package” install the “fix pkg 4.21”
6. This time, you can see the “Icon Yakuza 5″, click and play,


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  1. your link sir is now outdated, some parts are now dead/not found on the mega link


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