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Birds of Steel Xbox360 free download full version


Birds of Steel Xbox360 Jtag free download full version

Birds of Steel Xbox360 free download full version

Birds of Steel . Birds of Prey spiritual sequel, this game of aerial combats -arcade and simulator- allows us to fight in some of the most important battles of World War II like Pearl Harbor.
Midway or Guadalcanal on board of more than 100 different airplanes. 
To his 20 missions of the way campaign it is necessary to add the combats multiplayer for 16 players and a new cooperative slope for four users.
Exciting, realistic and capable of pleasing three very different types of players. Birds of Steel has become one of the best games of aerial combats appeared in console. 
An essential with which we can relive some of the most intense battles of the Second World War in the Pacific front.

If yours are the arcades of aerial combat, this is your game. If the realistic style of the most demanding aviation titles suits you, do not hesitate, you will like it too. 
As it happened a few years ago with Birds of Prey, the Moscow studio Gaijin Entertainment has returned to get both arcade enthusiasts and fans of flight simulators to enjoy the fantastic Birds of Steel.
A new game of air combat set in the Second World War, specifically in the battles that were fought in the Pacific Front.
which has surprised us both by the strength of its campaign for a single player and the broad multiplayer options it provides.

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