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Spec Ops The Line Xbox360 free download full version


Spec Ops The Line Xbox360 free download full version

Spec Ops The Line Xbox360 free download full version

Spec Ops The Line . A warlike shooter set in the emirate of Dubai, whose protagonist, Captain Martin Walker of the famous Delta Force, must rescue John Konrad, one of the main positions of the North American Army in the area.
In Spec Ops The Line we are Captain Martin Walker, a Delta Force sent to Dubai on a dangerous mission. 
An assignment of much risk for the harsh meteorological situation that crosses this paradise, which has left it in absolute chaos and covered in sand and dust after a wild natural catastrophe in the form of giant sandstorms.
as well as a very delicate political context in which, after the departure of the majority of the population, a series of militias that sow terror and death among the few remaining survivors remain at ease.

A true chaos that will be cruel and bloody since the first steps of our presence in the individual campaign.
 And, what do we paint there? Our goal is to locate Colonel John Konrad, a former member of the Delta Force and current senior officer of the US Army.
who has refused to obey the latest orders to leave the area, and who claims to be protecting the emirate's civilians that could not be evacuated in time before the catastrophe. 
He was in fact lost after several weeks of not having made contact with him, however a mysterious recording in the style of Colonel Kurtz of Apocalypse.
Now takes the American high command of doubts, and finally decide to send a group of operations specials of which we are of course part to find out what is happening.


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